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JUAN CARLOS TORRES Aake Professional plastic artist graduated from the College of Arts Ignacio Merino de Piura First Place PROMOTION Fernando de Szyszlo 1994 Phone: 01 [---------]1 [---------]6 E-Mail: nanakejc at hotmail.com STUDIES 2000 - 2001 Printmaking Workshop-National Museum of Printmaking 1990-1994 Buenos Aires, Argentina - Drawing - Painting Art School "Ignacio Merino" Piura Per1988-1989-Painting Workshop "JosSabogal" Per1988-Chiclayo-1989-Drawing Workshop...

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JUAN CARLOS TORRES Aake Professional plastic artist graduated from the College of Arts Ignacio Merino de Piura First Place PROMOTION Fernando de Szyszlo 1994 Phone: 01 [---------]1 [---------]6 E-Mail: nanakejc at hotmail.com STUDIES 2000 - 2001 Printmaking Workshop-National Museum of Printmaking 1990-1994 Buenos Aires, Argentina - Drawing - Painting Art School "Ignacio Merino" Piura Per1988-1989-Painting Workshop "JosSabogal" Per1988-Chiclayo-1989-Drawing Workshop "JosSabogal" SOLO-Chiclayo Per 2007 Song of the Missing paintings, installation Renacer Alberto Quintanilla Cultural Center of the Technological University of Peru . PerSimbologay Color Lima Art Museum Arad Romania. "Casa Artelor" in Timisoara. Peren Embassy Bukar Art Museum "in Brasov. Romania Song of the Missing Galera Instituto Cultural Peruano U.S. Chiclayo. Missing 2006 Tribute to the North American Peruvian Cultural Institute Galera Piura. 2004 Faces and Traces National Archaeological Museum Brunnig Lambayeque. 2004 Rituals Municipal Library Board Brunnig Enrique Chiclayo. 2002 Album of Memories Paintings, Drawings and Prints Galera Piurarte Cultural Center of the National Institute of Culture, Piura. 2001 "Screams" Yukio Mishima Cultural Center Buenos Aires Argentina paintings and 350 drawings series "Homage to the disappeared." 2000 "Races" Cultural Arts Center National School of Fine Arts Autonomous PERLIM. Paintings and 370 drawings series "Latin American victims." 1999 "The Mystery of IPPS" Installing "Back to the Past and be Lord" Galera Banco Wiese, Chicago 1998 "PerProfundo II" Installing: Back to the Past and be Lord Vics Museum, Piura. Two-person exhibition "Homage to Women" Grill Restaurant Costa Verde, Miraflores Lima. 1997 "PerProfundo I" Galera Taexpolsa Miraflores-Lima. 1996 "Presence in the Paint Piurana Millennial" Galera Alliance Française Piura. 1996 "Paintings, sculptures and prints" Banco Wiese Galera Casa Museo Miguel Grau. Piura 1995 "Latin American Races" Galera Rector National University of Piura. HONORS AND AWARDS 2004 Condecoracin DIPLOMA OF CULTURE, by contributing to the cultural development of the region Lambayeque, Lambayeque INC. 2003 Second Place Contest Passport for an Artist Alliance Française Chiclayo. 2002 HONOR TO CULTURE Condecoracin Issued by the National Institute of Culture Piura. Selected Art Gallery 2002 International Council for cooperation economically the PECC Pacific Singapore City. Argentina: 2001 Mention Painting Yukio Mishima Cultural Center, Buenos Aires. Second Mention Painting VII National Salon "New Figuracin 2001" Art Gallery of Nations International - Buenos Aires. 2001 First Prize II SALNÉS FRENCH NATIONAL ALLIANCE Buenos Aires. 2001 Second Prize Hall of Laureates, Figurative Painting, Art Galley nucleus Buenos Aires. 2000 Fourth Hall of Figurative Painting Mention: Little Format Art Galley nucleus Buenos Aires. 1998 Selected Paintings Trujillo Regional Salon of the First National Biennial. 1996 First and Second Place Painting "Regional Culture Award" INC Piura. 1995 Third Place Painting Competition National Cultural Institute Inc. Piura. 1994 FIRST PLACE PROMOTION - SCHOOL OF ART "IGNACIO MERINO" ESAIM PIURA PER. 1994 First Place Sculpture Competition ESAIM Piura. 1994 Second Place Painting Competition ESAIM Piura. 1993 First Place Painting Competition ESAIM Piura. First Place Contest Drawing JAP Chiclayo. Second Place Painting Floral Games INC Piura. EXHIBITIONS (Highlights) 2007 XV Anniversary ARAP Galera Banco Continental Plaza de Armas Piura. 2007 All Arts Museum Sican, Ferreafe. Continental Bank Galera ARAP Anniversary Piura. 2006 YOC `CHEQTA Painters ICPNA Piura Lambayeque. A day without water Galera Piurarte Cultural Center INC Piura. Plastic VDcadas Vicus Museum Piura Piura. Plastic VDcadas Chiclayo Piura Municipal Library. Piurana plastic VDcadas Cultural Arts Center Lima. Anniversary Exhibition ARAP Piura. First Drawing Salon Theatre May 2 Galera. Chiclayo. 2005 Leather and Desert House of Marshal Orbegoso Trujillo. Desert Skin and Chicago Municipal Library. Exhibition of plastic artists of residents in Lima Piura Piura Vicus Museum. Printmaking Exhibition Printmaking Workshop Tallan Vicus Museum Piura. NORTH traces Tallan Printmaking Workshop, Inc. Board JosSabogal of Trujillo. Piura Vics Museum Expo 2005. 2004 Contemporary Artists of Piura Casa de La Cultura Ecuatoriana. Ecuador. Ariwalac to Pira Chamber of Francisco Javier de Luna Pizarro Congress of the Republic. In ariwalac to Pira Petroperu Art Gallery. XII Anniversary ARAP Vics Museum Piura. 2003 Homage to Max Dextre Chicago College of Engineering. Library Art Galley Lambayeque Chiclayo. Paintings Galera SICAN Ferreafe MUSEUM SITE. PASSPORT TO AN ARTIST-Alliance Française Chiclayo. Clay Dreams Piura Contemporary Art Galley LImaginaire Alliance Française de Lima. Printmaking Exhibition incisions and reliefs Vicus Municipal Museum. Painting Exhibition House Reque City - Chicago Anniversary Paintings and Sculpture Association ADAP INC Galera. ANNIVERSARY XI Lambayeque ARAP Municipal Museum Exhibition of Painting Vicus Piura IV National Painting Salon Huanuco Anniversary Painting Exhibition of Monte Castillo, Piura Catacaos Shows Painters Alumni Association San Jose Galera National Library Chiclayo. Piurana plastic Expo 2003 - Anniversary of the Lions LIX Peruano. Alliance Francaise gallery Piura. 2002 National Painting Salon LII contemporary Huanuco - Peru. X Anniversary ARAP Galera Piurarte Cultural Center INC - urban intervention in 25 walls of the city of Piura. 1994 FERNANDO DE PROMOTION SZYSZLO Piurarte Galera Cultural Center INC Piura. Festival of the Arts Huanchaco Trujillo. VII International Salon of Plastic Arts-Chicago. Art a tie that binds us ARAP Galley CC, INC. Piura I Indecopi Art Exhibition pictorial Piurarte I Galera. NC VII International Salon of Plastic Arts Chiclayo. Art a tie that binds us ARAP Galera Piurarte Cultural Center INC Piura. CC PRINTS INC Piura. 2001 VII National Salon "New Figuracin 2001" Gallery of Nations International Art Buenos Aires Argentina. IV Hall of PinturaColor-LuzGalera Loft Espacio Alfa-Art and metaphysics-Buenos Aires Argentina. Collective exhibition "Women& 39;s Christian Association of Buenos Aires-Centro Cultural Casa Azul-Casa Natal de Jorge Luis Borges II National Alliance Francaise Salon 2001 - Buenos Aires Argentina. Format: Little Salon 2001 Sociedad Argentina de Artistas plastic. Buenos Aires Argentina. Group Show Galera Centoira Dock del Plata Buenos Aires-Argentina Four Painters Dock del Plata Buenos Aires Argentina Galera Centoira Winners Hall of Art Galley nucleus. Buenos Aires-Argentina-Group Show birthplace of Jorge Luis Borges. Buenos Aires. Argentina. 2000: Little Format-Galley Salon nucleus Art Salon theme Bs As.Argentina XI Free-Yukio Mishima Cultural Center Buenos Aires 1999 End of the Second Millennium ARAP Cultural Board SUNAT Piura Requiem for Installing Micro THE LATEST VICTIMS tripersonal Drawing-Painting-Installing "Red End" - Arte Joven Miraflores Piura 99, Municipality of Miraflores. Lima Stella Maris Association. Expo 99 Visual Arts Board of Vicus-Piura. Contemporary Art Expo 1998 INC-Piura I Salon of Young Art, Contemporary Museum, National University San Marcos-Lima-Trujillo Regional Salon of the First Biennial National Land and Man City "-CCRicardo Palma Miraflores-Lima Municipality. Last Millennium" ARAP "Piura Chamber Cultural Exhibition" Homage SUNAT Dr. Ginocchio Feij-ARAP-Galera-Piura SUNAT Installing Micro Masks MASKS 7 Painted poles to read. VI artistic Anniversary Exhibition (ARAP). Salon Ignacio Merino Club Grau Piura. Piuranas Craft Exhibition Inauguration Local Piura. Expo 98 Hall of Visual Arts Vicus Piura. Painters young people Northern-Banco Continental-Piura "Youngsters people Northern Painters" Banco Continental-Trujillo 1997 Permanent Exhibition of Art-warehouse-Miraflores-Lima Stella Maris-IX Association Sign-Lima Colombian Ladies Association Museum of the Nacin-Lima Contemporary Art Week Cultural Identity, National Institute of Culture (INC) Piura Lima Taexpolsa Collective exhibition Galera V Anniversary Exhibition (ARAP) Galley Salon Exhibition Hotel Los Portales Piura Auction-CutivalESAIM Radio. Piura Regional Painting Exhibition Expo 97 - Visual Arts Hall Vics Piura. 1996 Regional Artists Association Anniversary plastic (ARAP)-Piura Piura Color and Heat-Commerce Bank-Lima Contemporary Art Week Cultural Identity Institute (ARAP) Piura. Salon I Galley ESAIM Drawing Visual Arts Piura. V Latin American Contemporary Painting Hall of Piura. Expo 96 - Visual Arts Hall Vics Piura. II Teachers Hall of Arts School of Peru-Lima Museum Exhibition Nacin harmony and Group Dynamics District of La Union - Piura. ESAIM Exhibition Plaza de Armas Piura. V Exhibition Cultural week of its comprehensiveness (Tribute, Manuel Aldana Ruiz) Museum Grau Piura. Anniversary Exhibition ESAIM Bernal Piura District. Exhibition Club Grau (ARAP)-Congress of Tourism. Exhibition INC (ICPNA) - Piura. Contemporary Painters 1995 Piura Galera "OIL COLLAGE" Lima II Painting Contest NEW ARTISTS. North American Peruvian Cultural Institute Exhibition-INC-Piura I Hall of Marine (Navy Per-Museum Exhibition Miguel Gra-Piura-Strokes pictorial Piuranas-Galera Universidad Nacional de Piura-( UNP) Faculty of Agricultural Exhibition pictorial (UNP) North American Peruvian Cultural Institute Exhibition-INC-Piura Piura Military Exhibition I Regin. 1994 IV Hall of Contemporary Painting Machala-Ecuador 1993 Latin III Latin American Contemporary Painting Hall of Cajamarca, Peru 1992 Casa de Cultura Ecuatoriana "Benjamin Carrion" Loja-Ecuador II Salon of Contemporary Latin American Painting-Macar Loja-Ecuador From a or 1995 investigates the various artistic trends and works in installations and urban interventions. Belongs to the Association of Piura Tumbes plastic artist. Is a founding member GrabadoTALLAN Workshop. Private Collections PerChile, Argentina, England, Italy, Spain, Singapore, U.S. Asia E-Mail: [-] My quest, my work is part of the roads that have drawn men, and I express in this short with a personal language. aake

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